Microphones for recording drums at home

When you want to start your recording the first thing you have to choose is which mics to use were either through trial and error. When you make a research on the internet there are many mics available in the market, but you should know their varieties and use them before you choose one. Some of the good microphones for recording drums at home are discussed below.


One of the favorite drum mics for home recording, it helps to capture the inside of a kick drum as the AKG D112. I like to put it inside the drum going in through the hole in the front head if there is one. And if the kick drum has a full front head with no hole then you can sometimes drop a mic cable through the small breather hole in the top of the kick drum and clip the inside mic to that, leaving it dangling.


In which the condenser comes in handy for recording the kick drum. You are likely to want a mic that captures a little more “air” and picks up on the full natural sound of the drum rather than just the focused attack that the inside mic gets. ​Drum miking techniques are essential to learn, as it gives you more sound clarity for track recording. Each drum mics are responsible for the different kinds of music produced, learn about these mics before you choose one.


Tom mics usually consist of a 4 piece mic kick, snare, rack tom, and floor tom. You can even have them as a five piece kit by having two rack/floor toms. On using both the 4 or 5 piece mic you will need something that sounds focused, and great, and hopefully doesn’t rip your head off with cymbal bleed.

drum sound


You can set up overhead mics on a drum kit, in many ways. A very common way to do that is to stereo pair over the drums. You might even try a spaced pair, XY, ORTF, or anything else you think of to produce a great sound.


Room mics are a great way to put some real excitement and energy into your drum sound. When you set them in your home, it gives you a great sound. They will  really give you a fantastic feeling and a greater sound clarity for your recording at home.